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“It has been an honor to represent Northeast Lincoln in the Legislature these past seven years. I hope to be able to continue my public service for the people of my community as their County Clerk.”

- State Senator Matt Hansen


The Clerk’s Office serves as an essential resource of information for the public. In the Legislature I have introduced and passed legislation expanding access to public records, and will keep that same priority of transparency for the benefit of Lancaster County.

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The need for flexible and accommodating access to government services is apparent now more than ever. As Clerk I will work diligently to ensure that the public has efficient service from the Clerk’s Office, whether in-person, over the phone, or online.


This office serves as a vital backbone for Lancaster County, supporting the County Board and other elected offices. I have shown my ability to build trust and work collaboratively over my two terms in Legislature, and will bring that same sincerity and dedication to this position.

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